Location and Business Hours


Adorable Kids
1535 Meyerside Drive,
Unit 1 Dixie Business Park
Mississauga. L5T 1M9
Call/text 905-434-8881

Beige building at the corner of Dixie and Meyerside.

May Hours: Walk-in only

Monday : 11am to 5pm 
: 11am to 6pm 
Friday : 11am to 5pm 
Saturday : 10am to 6pm
Sunday : 11am to 5pm

We operate with crowd control to allow for no stress experience. We limit the number of 4 people per group during weekends. Please use facetime or video to update your family members so you don't need to bring everyone.

We have a small store and we cannot accommodate larger groups on weekends. If you have to bring in a large group, you will have to take turns. 

You can always contact us for any questions at customerservice@adorable-kids.com or send us a text to 905-434-8881

Fitting Room Rules

1.Please bring clean socks to wear in our change rooms. No shoes and bare feet (children and adults) allowed in our fitting rooms. For kids with skin conditions, please bring long sleeve shirts and long bottoms. We appreciate your cooperation.

2. Please make sure kids are clean in general when coming in for fitting. No sticky fingers, face paint and make-up.

Our products are delicate in nature. We work really hard to keep them pristine for your use.  


We apologize but we do not have a public washroom.