Size Chart- Clar

How to pick the correct size:
Measure your child using the following instructions:

1. Length:
Measure from the top of the shoulder to the floor.
2. Chest: Place the measuring tape UNDERNEATH THE ARMS and measure around the LARGEST PART of the chest. Add 1 inch.
3. Waist: Measure around the waist using the BELLY BUTTON as a guide. Add 1 inch.
ATTENTION: Satisfy the length measurements FIRST then verify that YOUR CHILD'S chest and waist with the added inch is not bigger than the size chart. In most cases, the dress fits a tad loose and should not have a tight feel. The sash can be used to tighten the dress. 
*If the chest and waist measurements on the dress are too loose after going for floor length, you can go one size smaller or have the dress taken in to keep the dress long. (Do not go 2 sizes smaller, the waist will ride too high)
*If the chest and waist measurements of your child EXCEED that of the size chart, please move up to a size that satisfies chest and waist and have the dress shortened by a seamstress.
This dress is a hi-lo. The front part of the skirt is 4-6 inches shorter from the ground. This dress also features a train.
Size Chart Information:
Measurements are taken from the dress.
Measurements were taken in inches. 1 inch = 2.54 cm


Size Chart

4 24" 23" 34"
6 26" 25" 38"
8 28" 27" 42"
10 30" 28" 44"
12 31" 29" 46"